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Why a massage

Massages offer many benefits, including reducing stress, relieving muscle and joint pain, improving blood circulation, promoting flexibility and mobility, improving mood and promoting healing. In summary, massages are a great way to take care of yourself and relax, and can be beneficial for a variety of health conditions.

Foot massage

If you want to get a foot massage, you can contact a massage professional or learn some basic techniques to do it yourself. In any case, be sure to use proper pressure and not apply excessive pressure to painful or sensitive areas.

Discover the erotic massage in couple

Discover an enriching experience by exploring the benefits of a couple massage. This practice offers much more than just relaxing sensations: it creates a deep connection between partners, thus strengthening emotional bonds.

Massage Azul

Massage Azul is a new administration of an old massage parlor on Chemin Chambly in Longueuil . We are focusing to become the number one Massage on South Shore and offering the best place to get a massage for men, couples massages and women’s . If you’re looking for discretion, respect and diversity, we are the place you need.

Confidentiality Policy

At Azul Massage, confidentiality Policy for employees and owners respecting the privacy of our clients, is our primary concern.

No personal information will be asked.

Personal information is confidential and should not be disclosed or discussed with anyone . Any document or security video will be deleted every week. We guarantee discretion and respect.

Massage Longueuil

Visit us, so we can show you what a nice ambiant should feel like. Our beautiful friendly attendants will take care of you during your visit. And our equipped massage parlor will make your problems float away with a nice relaxing adult massage.

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